Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Vaccination Fun

During summer holidays, Mel and I are going to Vietnam and Cambodia for a few weeks. As part of the preparation process, I needed to get my Hep A and tetanus booster.

In Brisbane, this would entail going to a travel medicine clinic. In Japan, it is a little different. The first step was finding out where I could actually get the vaccinations done – not an easy task. Luckily one of the teachers I work with helped me out, went online and tracked down a hospital in Nagoya where I could get it done.

The next step was to work out when I could go. The vaccination clinic (which services all vaccinations including childhood) was only open for 2 two-three hour sessions Monday to Friday and only during office hours and a short session Saturday morning.

I took advantage of a free afternoon and went on my adventure – braving the limitations of my Japanese, not knowing exactly where I was going and the long waits between each of the many steps of the process while I was at the hospital.

I survived and now have an appointment set up for the follow up Hep A shot. (^_^)

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Fruit for Lunch

As part of school lunch the other day, we (every student and teacher at every school in the area) were given two (2) cherries - no more no less.

What more can I say. (^_^)